Tour Wicklow On Electric Bikes This Summer

It is May already and hard to believe yet again it is summer time. Summer is our favorite time of year here at with Christmas a close second of course. Last summer was fantastic and we even had a 10 week long water shortage the weather was that good although no one was complaining as it is not often we get amazing weather like that for long periods. Lets hope that this summer is no different…roll on the summer heat wave!

Often people go to the west coast for their Ireland trips to places like Galway, Kerry and Sligo whilst the counties right on their own door step are often over looked. In this case we are referring to Wicklow which has a huge range of things to offer including the Sugar Loaf mountain to climb, Powerscourt waterfall and of course many fantastic beaches.

waterfall electric bike rental

Wicklow Town is often an over looked little settlement but it is really quite lovely on a summers day. With 2 piers and a lovely stoney beach it makes for a great time during summer especially during the regatta festival. You will now be able to rent electric bikes to see around Wicklow as it is known for it’s cycling tracks and is often cycled on a weekly basis by the Dublin bike club. Electric bikes are favorable as they do not require as much effort so they are perfect for the super fit or the elderly alike. You can also just convert your own bike if you do not want to rent it by getting an electric bike conversion kit. Getting one of these electric bike conversion kits can save you money in the long term but if you don’t think you will use it much then renting is the way to go. You can read more about electric bikes at the ebikeobsessed website.


Electric Scooters Now Available To Rent In Dublin

So this is not really a cafe/restaurant related post but seen as there is a bit of a buzz about these we thought why not write a post on it and that is about the electric scooters which we wrote about before. We wrote a post about a few weeks ago saying that you can rent them from a cafe down in Wicklow and now they are available to rent in Dublin. We think it is a great idea to go out for the day, have a nice lunch and then rent the electric scooters for an hour or so and see around town. It is a great day out for the family or even a nice date that will keep you off the drink for the day!

Electric scooters – better to buy or rent?

Prices range from €30 for the day to €150 for the week. Or you can go get the extra step and buy them outright for €429 so it could be worth testing them and then picking up your own one from one of the now many electric scooters suppliers online.To be fair to buy them out right is not a bad idea as they cost less than a cheap bike and you can use it to get around really easily. We can see these being big all over the world and there is a lot of talk about them on the radio over recent weeks. We recommend testing them first to see if you like them but we think they’re really fun which is why we keep posting about them!

Electric scooters could be the new bikes in our opinion. Apparently people thought bikes looked weird 100 years ago as many people think these scooters are now but in a few years they will be all the rage. If not well they are a bit of fun to do on a Sunday and take them around the park. Stay tuned for more cafe tips..we promise! We were away the last few weeks so a bit slow on getting the content out!



Visit Wicklows Best Beach on an Electric Scooter


A few months back we wrote a review about Brittas Bay cafe which got some great feed back. Not only is it a great cafe but it is in a lovely part of Ireland and not too far for all the Dublin folk to come visit for the day. It is a massively popular summer destination with people coming from all over Ireland (and Europe) to visit one of Ireland’s most beautiful beach. Recently we were chatting to an Australian girl who didn’t even know Ireland had beaches and I showed her a picture of Brittas Bay and she was blown away!

Anyway I digress! This is obviously not a restaurant review but we thought it would be worth noting anyway as summer is around the corner and we don’t like to just talk about food on our website. Soon you can get electric scooters to tour the beaches of Wicklow. What are they and how does this work? Well electric scooters are for adults so not to be confused as kids toys as they will be driven on the local roads which are quite narrow. You can rent them for a day or for a half way and this means that you can get from your campsite to the beach in just a few minutes. You can also tour up to other local beaches such as Silver Strand.

For more information on the electric scooters this business is being run my who very kindly gave us some free passes to give away. Don’t forget if you do end up going down to Brittas this summer to check out the cafe that we reviewed a few months back! There is loads to do in Wicklow so it is great for a long weekend including some top golf courses. Let us know how you guys get on down there!



Bay Cafe Review – Brittas Bay

Brittas Bay is one of the nicest parts of the country and it really is one part of the country that can make you feel like you are on your holidays. During the summer when the weather is good (like this summer) it can make you feel like you are in the South of France with its amazing beaches and holiday home and caravan parks. During the winter it used to be quiet area but that has changed in recent years. Of course Brittas is a village and has its own school, church and now it has the instant hit that is The Bay Cafe.

The Bay Cafe is a small venue that does a breakfast menu until 12.30am and now because of the success they have decided to open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday nights.This has been a instant hit with locals and people from the surrounding towns. There is plenty to do and it is such a lovely setting. You have a big car park beside for the kids to run around in and the beach is only two minutes away. During winter it will get plenty of people coming in who go for a surf on the beach.

It is perfect for a family day out as yo can hit the beach and then go to the cafe afterwards. You can also rent bikes and buy hoversboards for sale in the local store. We would rate it as one of the best breakfasts in the area and there are even people traveling over 30 minutes to come down and eat in this beautiful setting. The food is reasonably priced and all Irish breakfast will only cost you €11 and that comes with a coffee of your choice. So check this out if you want to get away from the city for a while as it is a great location.

Carlow Restaurant Review – Reddys

We ate here on the weekend in the comfy bar. Service was very quick, food excellent (my pasta dish was some of the nicest I’ve ever eaten!!) and portions of everything were generous. Prices very fair for what you get and I will certainly return.

Only small gripe was that service could have been a little more friendly. The gentleman who cleared our table did ask in a slightly disinterested way if everything was OK, but didn’t utter another word. A little friendly banter with your customer is always a nice touch.

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To help encourage our users to send us reviews on restaurants and other eatery’s in their local towns/cities we are having a giveaway! We are always looking for more reviews and as we are a new website we thought this might help get the ball rolling on encourage you the reader to send us your reviews, after all who doesn’t want to win a free iPhone!? All you have to do is send us a review from your local area and we will pick out the best one out of the next 20 reviews to win a free refurbished iphone 6S from who are kindly providing us with the refurbished iPhone.

As we ourselves our based on the east coast we are particularly looking for reviews from other parts of the country including Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Belfast and Sligo. These are of course the main population centers in the country but we will welcome reviews from any town or village of course. We also accept reviews from takeaways such as local chip shops, Chinese takeaways, Indian, Thai or any other type of food does not have to be fancy to have a review! So to enter please go to our send us a review page and you will automatically be entered into the competition. Once we have 20 reviews we will then pick a winner so the chances are quite high of you winning! Best of luck and thanks for entering :).




New Italian Restaurant Opens in Wicklow Town

As we love to support small town restaurants here at this is a quick post to let people in the Wicklow area know of a new Italian restaurant opened on the Wicklow Main Street. It is called La Mimosa and it offers a typical Italian menu for eating in as well as having a take out menu and the option to get food delivered to your door!

Although we have not had the chance to try this new eatery we have heard great things! They do not as yet have a website however they do have a Facebook page which can be found here: They have over 10 reviews already on Facebook and a rating of 3.5/5 stars so for anyone in the area would like to check it out and send in a review we would really appreciate it!