Bay Cafe Review – Brittas Bay

Brittas Bay is one of the nicest parts of the country and it really is one part of the country that can make you feel like you are on your holidays. During the summer when the weather is good (like this summer) it can make you feel like you are in the South of France with its amazing beaches and holiday home and caravan parks. During the winter it used to be quiet area but that has changed in recent years. Of course Brittas is a village and has its own school, church and now it has the instant hit that is The Bay Cafe.

The Bay Cafe is a small venue that does a breakfast menu until 12.30am and now because of the success they have decided to open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday nights.This has been a instant hit with locals and people from the surrounding towns. There is plenty to do and it is such a lovely setting. You have a big car park beside for the kids to run around in and the beach is only two minutes away. During winter it will get plenty of people coming in who go for a surf on the beach.

It is perfect for a family day out as yo can hit the beach and then go to the cafe afterwards. You can also rent bikes and buy hoversboards for sale in the local store. We would rate it as one of the best breakfasts in the area and there are even people traveling over 30 minutes to come down and eat in this beautiful setting. The food is reasonably priced and all Irish breakfast will only cost you €11 and that comes with a coffee of your choice. So check this out if you want to get away from the city for a while as it is a great location.