Electric Scooters Now Available To Rent In Dublin

So this is not really a cafe/restaurant related post but seen as there is a bit of a buzz about these we thought why not write a post on it and that is about the electric scooters which we wrote about before. We wrote a post about a few weeks ago saying that you can rent them from a cafe down in Wicklow and now they are available to rent in Dublin. We think it is a great idea to go out for the day, have a nice lunch and then rent the electric scooters for an hour or so and see around town. It is a great day out for the family or even a nice date that will keep you off the drink for the day!

Electric scooters – better to buy or rent?

Prices range from €30 for the day to €150 for the week. Or you can go get the extra step and buy them outright for €429 so it could be worth testing them and then picking up your own one from one of the now many electric scooters suppliers online.To be fair to buy them out right is not a bad idea as they cost less than a cheap bike and you can use it to get around really easily. We can see these being big all over the world and there is a lot of talk about them on the radio over recent weeks. We recommend testing them first to see if you like them but we think they’re really fun which is why we keep posting about them!

Electric scooters could be the new bikes in our opinion. Apparently people thought bikes looked weird 100 years ago as many people think these scooters are now but in a few years they will be all the rage. If not well they are a bit of fun to do on a Sunday and take them around the park. Stay tuned for more cafe tips..we promise! We were away the last few weeks so a bit slow on getting the content out!