Refurbished iPhone Giveaway For Restaurant Reviews!

To help encourage our users to send us reviews on restaurants and other eatery’s in their local towns/cities we are having a giveaway! We are always looking for more reviews and as we are a new website we thought this might help get the ball rolling on encourage you the reader to send us your reviews, after all who doesn’t want to win a free iPhone!? All you have to do is send us a review from your local area and we will pick out the best one out of the next 20 reviews to win a free refurbished iphone 6S from who are kindly providing us with the refurbished iPhone.

As we ourselves our based on the east coast we are particularly looking for reviews from other parts of the country including Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kerry, Belfast and Sligo. These are of course the main population centers in the country but we will welcome reviews from any town or village of course. We also accept reviews from takeaways such as local chip shops, Chinese takeaways, Indian, Thai or any other type of food does not have to be fancy to have a review! So to enter please go to our send us a review page and you will automatically be entered into the competition. Once we have 20 reviews we will then pick a winner so the chances are quite high of you winning! Best of luck and thanks for entering :).