Refurbished iPhone Giveaway – It’s Almost Winter Again!

refurbisehd iphone giveawawy

After some problems with our website the last few weeks we are finally back on track and we cannot believe that it is almost winter again. Where does the time go!? Unfortunately we were away most of the this summer but we plan to make up for this by doing some nice cosy winter meal reviews and visiting some places around the country that are known for their great roasts. To get the new season going we are going to be giving away a refurbished iPhone from As they are sponsoring us for the next winter season they have very kindly given us a refurbished iPhone 7 that is 32GB of storage. It is also a sim free phone so it can be used with your existing sim card without any issues.

Some of the places we plan ti visit this winter are the Leopardstown Inn which of course is in Leopardstown Dublin and we also plan to head outside of Dublin and down to Cork city as well as Galway and eventually back to Dublin. So we really want to include as many places from around the country as possible. As we are Dublin natives we are looking for any suggestions people might have on places to visit down the country.

Anyone who has any suggestions they are of course always welcome and anyone who enters will automatically be entered into our competition for the refurbished iPhone. This refurbished iPhone 7 is worth €300 so it is pretty good prize and we are hoping it will encourage people to get back on our website and start making some suggestions. If things go well we might even make a trip over to London where we have friends and we know London is full of top class eateries even if they are a little more expensive than home.

To send us your suggestions please email us at suggestions (at) and we will take everything on board. If it is somewhere not too far from our schedule we will be happy to take a look. Many thanks for reading.