Tour Wicklow On Electric Bikes This Summer

It is May already and hard to believe yet again it is summer time. Summer is our favorite time of year here at with Christmas a close second of course. Last summer was fantastic and we even had a 10 week long water shortage the weather was that good although no one was complaining as it is not often we get amazing weather like that for long periods. Lets hope that this summer is no different…roll on the summer heat wave!

Often people go to the west coast for their Ireland trips to places like Galway, Kerry and Sligo whilst the counties right on their own door step are often over looked. In this case we are referring to Wicklow which has a huge range of things to offer including the Sugar Loaf mountain to climb, Powerscourt waterfall and of course many fantastic beaches.

waterfall electric bike rental

Wicklow Town is often an over looked little settlement but it is really quite lovely on a summers day. With 2 piers and a lovely stoney beach it makes for a great time during summer especially during the regatta festival. You will now be able to rent electric bikes to see around Wicklow as it is known for it’s cycling tracks and is often cycled on a weekly basis by the Dublin bike club. Electric bikes are favorable as they do not require as much effort so they are perfect for the super fit or the elderly alike. You can also just convert your own bike if you do not want to rent it by getting an electric bike conversion kit. Getting one of these electric bike conversion kits can save you money in the long term but if you don’t think you will use it much then renting is the way to go. You can read more about electric bikes at the ebikeobsessed website.