Use Your Camera To Make Videos of Your Restaurant For Your Website

This is just a quick post to say that we can’t believe more people are not doing this! What is the first thing people wonder about a restaurant they haven’t tried…ok you might be thinking the food…well not necessarily. People first take a look at the decor and see how clean the place is and what the vibe is like. After this only then do they wonder about the food and then after that the price of the food when compared with the first two components. We have always wondered why don’t restaurants get a professional video done of their venue to put on their Facebook page and website. This will really make your place stand out from the crowd by going that extra mile.

If people are looking at several options and your venue has a nice video show casing the vibe, how clean it is, the staff and the food people will definitely be drawn to that place. This could potentially be a good business idea for anyone who is good with video and editing also if you happen to be reading! If you don’t want to pay someone to do it then you can always pick up a camera yourself and try it. There are plenty of free video editing software out there and it doesn’t need to be an amazing video but just a quick 20 second video showcasing your place.

You could even use the camera on your iPhone or even a good dash cam should be fine for a quick video. This could help save money so maybe try this first before paying someone to do it and see how it turns out. Above is a great example that is professionally done. Now if you saw this on a website and compared it with another restaurant website that is of poor quality you can be sure you will go for the one with the video! So something to think about for people who want to go that extra step.