Visit Wicklows Best Beach on an Electric Scooter


A few months back we wrote a review about Brittas Bay cafe which got some great feed back. Not only is it a great cafe but it is in a lovely part of Ireland and not too far for all the Dublin folk to come visit for the day. It is a massively popular summer destination with people coming from all over Ireland (and Europe) to visit one of Ireland’s most beautiful beach. Recently we were chatting to an Australian girl who didn’t even know Ireland had beaches and I showed her a picture of Brittas Bay and she was blown away!

Anyway I digress! This is obviously not a restaurant review but we thought it would be worth noting anyway as summer is around the corner and we don’t like to just talk about food on our website. Soon you can get electric scooters to tour the beaches of Wicklow. What are they and how does this work? Well electric scooters are for adults so not to be confused as kids toys as they will be driven on the local roads which are quite narrow. You can rent them for a day or for a half way and this means that you can get from your campsite to the beach in just a few minutes. You can also tour up to other local beaches such as Silver Strand.

For more information on the electric scooters this business is being run my who very kindly gave us some free passes to give away. Don’t forget if you do end up going down to Brittas this summer to check out the cafe that we reviewed a few months back! There is loads to do in Wicklow so it is great for a long weekend including some top golf courses. Let us know how you guys get on down there!